Friday, February 20, 2009


This is going to be random and probably disjointed, but that is pretty but how my brain is running right now! It's a funny thing being a parent. It's amazing what you can learn, as well as what life is like.
For example, we've had several quotable quotes from T Jay this week. Since there is so much talk of the economy as of late, I thought this might help anyone who might need some advice: First, while Jess was messing with his Blackberry at dinner, T Jay asked him what he was doing. Jess replied, "I'm making money." To which T. Jay replied "life is not about money. It is about living." So let's get living.
If that doesn't work, this next bit might help. T Jay also asked Jess why he had to go to work all of the time. Jess told him that he had to work to earn money so he could buy us food. T Jay told him, "Dad, all you need to do is get a bucket and put a sign on it that says 'We need money' and when people walk by they'll give you money." So get your buckets folks! (I really hope this idea comes from the bell ringers over the holidays.)
And a little fire safety for those in need: We bought some shot gun shells at Wal-Mart the other day and T Jay wanted to know how the bullets worked. He got a brief tutorial on how the different layers in a bullet work together to fire. To this he said, "You never ever touch fire to a pile of gun powder in front of you. You want to throw a match at it." Should I be worried?
While I was at the chiropractor yesterday, I had my Matthew with me. As we were waiting, I was trying to find things to keep him entertained. As busy as he is, being strapped in is torture for him unless food is involved. With the food gone, I resorted to asking him questions. He watched a show where there was a cuckoo clock, so now all clocks are cuckoo clocks. Our game is to ask if any random thing is a cuckoo clock and then to say a dramatic no. He is also fond of knock, knock jokes. Here is how his version goes: Him, "Knock, knock." Me, "Who's there?" Him, " 'Nana." Me, "Banana who?" Him, "Owl." Me, " yep, owls say Hoo." It's very fun. Especially when repeated 25 times in a row.
And last, When I picked Summer up from school yesterday, she looked very mellow, sad even. I was wondering to myself which type of drama was coming. The "I got into trouble" kind or the "I'm mad at my friend." or my personal favorite, "I can be a drama queen if I want to." one. When I started to talk to her, and asked her what was wrong, she told me that her eyes were hot. This immediately got me thinking of the "My hair was hot" line in Napoleon Dynamite. She told me that she was outside in the sun and it made her eyes hot. (Ahh the "I can be dramatic if I want to" kind) It took me a bit to put everything together, but I finally figured out that she meant that her eyes were burning due to the fever she had. She got to spend the rest of the day resting on the couch.
Sometimes I think about how fun life was when it was just Jess and I. I used to just get out of the car and go in to a place. Just walked in. We took trips where relaxation was involved. We even had conversations all in one whack! But, I also think of what I'd be missing. It's a ton of work, but I love it. I couldn't imagine a life where I didn't repeat Knock, knock jokes endlessly.