Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

I have the Best Mom ever! Biased, I know, but my Blog, my call! In celebration of my Mom, here are ten of my Favorite things about her:
1. She thinks that I am fabulous in every way, and it builds me up knowing that.
2. She would do anything for me and my family. Who doesn't need that in life?
3. She is a hard worker and taught me to be one, too.
4. She is great at activity and event planning. She taught me everything I know.
5. She can find the best bargains.
6. She can say what needs to be said.
7. She has come to help me welcome all of my children into the world. They all adore her.
8. She taught me that honesty and good values are extremely important.
9. She taught me the importance of being nice to everyone. I hope I can pass this one on.
10. She's mine! I love you Mom!

I must also say that I have the best Mother-in-Law in the world!! I am so blessed to have her. Here are ten of the things that I love about her:
1. She gave me Jess, muy importante!
2. She is a great teacher in all things home maker.
3. She is very kind hearted
4. She makes me feel like one of her own. I love that.
5. She is very service minded.
6. She gives the best homemade gifts.
7. She is a very hard worker.
8. She is great with my kids.
9. She respects me for the person I am and loves me. (flaws and all!)
10. I get to say that she is mine now! I love you, too!
I had a great Mothers Day myself. T Jay was so excited to surprise me with breakfast, he woke up at 3am, 4am & 5:30 am to do it. Jess apparently kept sending him back to bed. I am gifted with extraordinary heavy sleeping! At 5:30 Jess told him to go and watch 2 cartoons and then to come back. At 7 am I had yummy waffles, sausage, fresh fruit and cards from all! What a great way to start out the day!