Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Warning! Ahead lies a million pictures! If your name isn't Grandma, Grammy or Aunt someone, you might want to skip this entirely! Proceed with caution!
We went to Pensacola to meet up with two of my brothers and my Aunt for Thanksgiving. It's about a 10 hour drive, so we thought we would get a head start and drive half way. This is usually a great idea. This time, not so much. I should have known what kind of night this would be at the hotel by the way we went in swinging from the rafters, but alas, I always was naive!
On Thanksgiving day, we rushed over to Aunt Sweetie Pie's house for an emergency belly examination. T Jay was writhing in pain for some reason that could not be determined by the parents. Luckily for us, our hostess is also a nurse! Said belly problem was cured by a nap, go figure! My kiddos with cousin Katelyn and Scott.
My younger brother Kevin and his wife, who met us here from MO.
Aunt Sweetie Pie gave all of the kids their own stemware! A sensational hit! Does Matthew really look like he can be responsible for a glass? Not to me, but Aunt Sweetie Pie delivered. I can gladly report that no glasses were broken in the making of this Thanksgiving!
Little Lulu's shirt said, "Everyone is thankful for me!" We sure are Dolly!
One of the very few photos with me in it. I am usually the photographer. Matthew is responsible for this rare photo! JK!
After dinner, Aunt Sweetie Pie took the kids outside to pick pecans. They had a great time. When the picking fun was over, we raked leaves and took turns jumping into them. T Jay poised and ready for another jump into the leaves.
We went to the Airplane museum at NAS Pensacola. A very fun place! The kids had a great time running around this play area and you know how I love museums!
Lexi and Avey, little cuties!
Someone should really tell them that they are about to be eaten.
Matthew with a very large piece of gun machinery! Any one else see the problem with that? Let's hope the people who neutered this for the museum knew what they were doing!
My favorite section of the museum! It was set up like a town in WW II! That's one of my favorite time periods!

My Maternal Grandmother "Granny" is buried at FT Barancus cemetery the at the air station. We stopped by for a visit. The conversation that followed was priceless. Questions like, "Why is she dead? and "Why did they put her in the ground? and Will I get buried? and so on and so forth. Matthew being head curious cat, of course!
The Fort! Very interesting structure. The kids loved running all over this! I love visiting a place that is made up completely of stone of some sort! The likelihood of breaking something here was low. I like those odds. The cousins in one of the rooms in the fort. Probably a magazine. All the rooms in forts seem to be magazines!
Cute little girlies with us.
Matthew doing what he does best! (Climbing for those of you less familiar with our monkey.)
Scott and Matthew

Cousins. It was extraordinarily cold for a FL day. I was not prepared. That is so unlike me. I always have jackets in my car, ready to go for the opportunity to get to wear them! Luckily, Kevin had extra jackets in his car.
The lighthouse.
Dad and the kiddos at the top.
I stayed at the bottom with the little girls. I think most people thought they were all mine! I got some priceless looks. Several foreigners gave me some very confused looks!
Uncle Kenny had a real bow and arrow that T Jay took a strong liking to. I bet you'll never guess what's on his Christmas list. Lucky me!
A photo with Kenny in it! Kenny did a fish fry for me to celebrate my 34th birthday. It was so yummy. His wife Katherine made a divine chocolate cake! I'm not sure why I don't have a photo of her with it, but I should. Did anyone else get one?
Kevin and Aunt Sweetie Pie.
Summer and Katelyn. Matthew begs me to take him to Katelyn's house all of the time. Cries for it too, at times. He loves Katelyn

Aunt Sweetie Pie, Kevin and me.

Thanks for an amazing visit, Kenny and Katherine! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!