Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things Summer and I have in common:

As I was driving around town today, I saw a very cool, classic Chevy car. I pointed it out to the kids and told them that I liked old cars and that I would love to have one to drive around town someday. T Jay asked me why (of course) and I told him that I just like old things. (especially things from the 40's and 50's-FYI) This gem of a conversation followed:

Summer: "I like old things, too, Mom- (pause) and I like old people."

T. Jay: "You guys have something in common."

Me: "We have lots of things in common."

T. Jay: "What? You're beautiful, you like old things, and you like old people. That's three things."
Yep, Three things, I'll take it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It's all coming back to me...

As I was getting ready for bed last night, I was thinking that I need to update my blog, but that I really didn't have anything to post about. Somewhere between falling asleep and actually being asleep, I woke up with a little drool on my mouth. I guess I had my mouth open due to being congested. This isn't the first time this has happened, it's especially common during nap time. I will wake up and my pillow will be a little drool-y. It's very nice. Anyway, last night as I wiped the drool away I laughed a little as I remembered something that happened to me in High school.
It was Eleventh grade English class, taught by Mrs. Topper. I sat in the middle row, second to the last seat in the back row. I used to pass that class time by passing notes to my friend the whole hour. I know, great example for Summer some day! Anyway, this particular day I was too tired for note passing, so I decided to take a nap. It was "winter" in FL, so the boy who sat in front of me had a huge puffy jacket hung on the back of his chair. Now. I can't even begin to understand why he had such a big jacket in FL, but it worked out nicely for me. I pulled his two big puffy sleeves up on my desk for a pillow and took a nap. I must have been tired, because I slept the whole hour. Zonked! I got a friendly nudge right before the bell rang and woke up. As I sat up, I realized that there was a nice sized pool of drool on this boys coat sleeves. I was pretty embarrassed about this and frantically tried to wipe the drool off. I put his sleeves back down just as he pulled his jacket off of the chair and headed out of the classroom. I can't even begin to think what must have gone through his head as he tried to figure out why his sleeves were damp in such a strange area! Did I add that I really didn't even know this boy very well? Nope, just a quick "Hey, how's it going?" before class started. Very funny and embarrassing! It's funny how little memories get triggered. Never thought I'd think of that day again, much less this many years later!