Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day to you all! I love Earth Day, so I thought I'd share a few funny stories about Earth Day:
When Jess was in pilot training in Texas, we lived a whopping mile and a half from his work. He frequently rode his bike to work because it was faster and easier. On Earth Day he went to work on his bike like he always did, but this time, as he pulled up to the bike rack, he was met by an Earth Day enthusiast who gave him a sticker and thanked him for saving the earth by riding his bike to work. He found it ironic that he was being thanked for saving a mile and a half's worth of car gas to turn around and "burn" 1,000 gallons of jet fuel! He pointed out to said Earth Day enthusiast what he would be doing that day. I am pretty sure he got to keep his sticker, though. I am sure that all other sticker recipients down at the flight line found it equally funny. It's the little things, people!

On Saturday, I asked T Jay if he knew that Earth Day was going to be on Tuesday. He looked up and me and said, "No, but Mom, everyday is Earth Day." Thank you!

Yesterday, I put the new gas grill together (a whole other post!) for Jess so we could have hamburgers for dinner. As many of you may know, assemble yourself items come with a lot of packaging, whether it's plastic, Styrofoam, or cardboard, it's a lot. After I unwrapped piece number 900 I stowed all of the packaging in the box. While I was working on assembly (it took forever), I started to notice that T Jay was pilfering, piece by piece, the entire contents of the box. Each time he would say something like, "Reduce, Re-use, recycle-Mom, we're re-using this" or "This should be recycled." or "Mom, I need to Reduce this." I could hear them "building" their "house" for their Barbies (we have boy ones, too), but I was so engrossed in trying to make sure that I put the grill together correctly, I didn't really concern myself with the noises. Let's just say that the "reduced" every single piece of packaging into teeny, tiny little pieces and spread it all around the family room floor!

So, enjoy Earth day! Take time to revel in it's beauty! Plant a tree or start recycling-do something good.