Sunday, November 11, 2007

Matthew's First Haircut

Before: You can sort of see the scraggly hair in the back.
The clippers didn't scare him a bit! I think he is thrilled to look like a big boy!
My sweet Angel Boy!

Trick or Treating

We were so busy getting ready for our trip that I forgot to post a picture from trick or treating! They all loved it! Matthew had it backwards though. He kept trying to put his treat from one house into the treat bowl of the next house. For some reason he didn't get much candy. T Jay and Summer also fell victim to candy theft! I put a good portion of their candy into our bowl to re-give away! I know it's terrible, but they (and me) are such candy fiends that it's best if it's not around too long! I wonder how many more Halloweens I will get away with this?