Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spring Break

 We spent our spring break in Montana this year.  We got out of our house in record time for this trip.  We were on the road by 6:30!  Since we got started so early, our plan was to drive the 17 hours straight though, putting us there between midnight and 1 O'clock.  Many times this is easier than hauling into a hotel and dragging it out.  We drove through a blizzard and ended up adding two hours onto our drive.  Sigh.
On the bright side, the kids got to play in snow the morning after we got there.  It stuck around long enough for the kids to build a snow bunny and have a snow ball fight with Grandma and Grandpa!
Addie, Simon and Summer
 Simon was a hot commodity with all of the girl cousins and sisters! 
 Fun at Grandma's house on Easter Sunday.
 We went on a mini hike around the ranch. 
 The boys working together to plant some new trees.
 Matthew and Lexi headed to find Daddy.
 Rich (Jess' brother) took family pictures for us, so Matthew is looking handsome for the occasion.
 Here's our new van.  The kids love getting to "drive" around with Daddy while at the Ranch.  Big news for T Jay: Grandpa let him drive the ranch truck all by himself! 
 A little Simon cuteness. 
 We had a cousin/sibling sleep over on Friday night.  We had a BBQ, made S'mores and everybody stayed up way too late chatting.  It was a perfect sleep over!
 Cousin Danny and T Jay
 Me and my girl roasting marshmallows
 Three brothers and a little princess: Mike, Jess, Rich and Lexi
While in Montana, We decided that we needed a drift boat for the ranch.  We went for a ride on Saturday and it was mostly fun.  I have a small fear of being in the middle of water.  There are many memories waiting to be made in that boat.  The children will love fishing and floating the river in it. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Sunday

 We went to Montana for Easter/ sping break this year.  Here are are a few photos of the kids before church. 

 Sweet Girls.
Manly men!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

King of Multitasking

We went to Montana for Spring break and Easter. There was no shortage of screens on this trip. Matthew couldn't decide if the iPod was the way to go, or the movie, so he chose both. Now if I can just get him to multitask (or even task) when we are cleaning, we'd be in business!
This was also our maiden voyage in our new Odessy. I just need to say that having tons of room rocks! One of my favorite features, aside from having satellite radio, is the cool box. We even kept some lunchables cold in there. Awesome!!