Wednesday, April 17, 2013


 We took the kids to Disneyland this spring.  We had a magical time!  We spent 3 days there and had so much fun!
 First ride!
 Jess and I had fun, too!

 Simon was our tour guide!

 Cars land in California adventure was AMAZING!! 

 With Lightning McQueen.
 We had lunch with the Princesses at Ariel's Grotto!  It was so fun.
 I loved watching Lexi anticipate each princess! 
My cuties with Belle.

Washington D.C.

I finally made it to Washington D.C.!  I have been wanting to go here for years.  I got to spend a whole week without my kids (Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!) in a city that has more museums than I could see.  Although I didn't even scratch the surface, I did my best!  We also went to Mt. Vernon, Lincoln's summer home, a few historic homes and I got to see my best friend from middle school!  Score!
 The WW II memorial.  I left here wanting to research the symbolism of it so I could understand what all of it meant.  In fact, everything in D.C.  made me want to research something!
 The Mall at sunset.
 I loved this memorial.  After, we went to see the movie Lincoln and also had food from Afghanistan.  Such a great night!
 The museum at Ford's theater. 
 Pretty please?!!  The Hope diamond at the museum of natural history.
The Washington D.C. temple.