Thursday, June 21, 2007

Prayer & Santa

What you say? Here's the story...
We were having family prayer tonight and TJay is the one who gave the prayer. Since his prayers usually consist of " Heavenly Father, Thank you for our day, help us to get dressed nicely. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen", I gave him a quick reminder to think about what he was saying. So in his prayer tonight, he prayed for our tire's roundness, that he could find his lost toy, Uga, and various other things. It was such a good prayer that I told him what a good job he did. I told him that Heavenly Father really liked his prayer. He looked at me and said, "Santa did, too!"

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

water fun

Today was a busy day. We started out as exterminators (see following post), went on a kid bike ride, played hide N' go seek at the park, tried to burn our house down with dinner, and then ended our day with playing in the pool. all in all, a good day! Matthew likes to use this floaty like a walker in the pool. It's very cute.
We ran a hose from the hot water faucet in the laundry room and added hot water to the pool to take the Arctic level down a bit. It worked like a charm and the kids had a great time.
My little water babies.

The Dak Rat Saga

I was on the phone yesterday when I noticed my cat going a little crazy by the door that leads to our garage. As I was standing there about to comment on how crazy my cat was I heard scratching and squeaking sounds. I had a momentary silent freak out session and then decided to go to the side door of the garage so that I could see what was trying to scratch its way into my house. The culprit was gone, but this is what I found!!
So, I opened all of the garage doors hoping that he would see his route to freedom. I tried to "coax" him out with a broom, didn't work.
That is the home of a Dak Rat (gopher, prairie dog etc.) I assume that this is his little friend. He kept creeping out of his hole and "whistling" (who knew that Dak rats whistled) to his friend. I think he was trying to tell him that freedom was close if he would only make a run for it. He kept standing right in front of the garage calling for it. It was quite amusing. I thought that they were both out a little later in the day.
Not the case, here is what I saw this morning as I was walking out to the garage with Jess. Another good few inches of weather stripping consumed by the guy!
Hail the conquering hero da da dada da or how ever it goes. Jess and I found it hiding right by the back garage and trapped it under Jess' shelf. Jess then got out his leaf blower and we tried to blow him in the right direction. He then scampered over to hide out under the lawn mower. This was perfect for us because we kept the air blowing around the mower, thus making feel secure from the wind in his "bunker" and then pushed the lawn mower outside and then gave him one final blast to get him out from under the mower. It worked like a charm and we are now Dak Rat free in our garage. Now we get to spend Saturday moving the garage around and cleaning up Dak rat poo.

Super Summer

On Tuesday Summer asked me to clip this skirt around her neck. She then started doing all of the Super hero moves she could come up with...
The flying leap!
The "hero" pose! She is so silly.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fun sunday pics

Look how big Matthew is getting! He crawls all around and comes and pulls up on the baby gate and waits for me to come and get him. T Jay and Summer climb over the gate on those chairs. Funny, huh?!
Look at Matthew "riding" the tricycle!
And now a bicycle! What a genius!! Notice how he is standing up on the bike frame. What a clown! (Jess!!) No these aren't posed! (just kidding!)
Summer thought she'd get in on the fun, too. Unfortunately, I think that Matthew is destined for a life as Summer's personal lab rat! I hope I can protect him from her as much as possible!!
Dad and T Jay are enjoying a friendly game of "The Little Mermaid" filled with 4 year old sneaky-ness, deck stacking and cheating! Hooray for winning. Silly T Jay!

7 things...

My friend Cara "tagged" me last week, and I have been trying to narrow it down to only 7 things that I love. Kind of hard, but here goes...
1. Jess, he is seriously a huge source of strength, comfort, crazy, silly, circus fun for me. I love him dearly. He is my best friend and a great companion and Father (even if he has a rubber spine!)
2. My babies make my world go around. I love being a Mom.
3. Friends and family bring so much joy to my life
4. Clean sheet day. This a very important day of the week and I love it!! ( clean anything else day is also a plus!!)
5. I love to travel with my family. Any beach location is my favorite.
6. I love all water activities, which means that I also love sunny weather.
7. I love my Church and Jesus Christ. My life has so much meaning and direction due these. I am truly grateful for the love and sacrifice of my Savior. What a blessing.
So now, Maggie, Tag, you're it!

T Jay is getting so big!!!

T Jay is playing T-ball! This is his first organized activity that he has been signed up for. He was a little nervous before going to his practice. He even told me that he didn't need to go to practice because he could practice here at home. He told us he was nervous about his coach, because he didn't know him. We role played a few hi, how are you, I'm T Jay nice to meet you sessions and He was off.
Here are the "Super Pumpers!"
Watching as the coach shows them how to bat.
Daddy and Summer "fielded" the balls.
T Jay up to bat. His first ball he didn't line up right and his second ball flew way out there. So much joy in his expression! He was very pleased. He loves his coach, loves his practice, and all things T-ball! It is going to be fun watching him do this.