Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our Town

We have been out exploring the town and we found this cool dock. It is a huge dock side walk that is probably about a mile and walks along the river and ends by the old downtown area. It is so cute. T Jay was a little apprehensive of being on the dock, but we worked through it.
Whenever I tell T Jay that I am going to take a picture, he puts his foot up on something. I think that in his mind that is "photo stance."
The funny thing about this picture is there is a sign in the window if the store that says, "bite me!" I thought it was funny that you could see that.
The "sidewalk."
Summer was trying to see something that she just couldn't, so T Jay was trying to help her out a little. He is performing his big brother role so well!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flying Kites

The Easter bunny brought kites for the kids, so we thought that we would test them out. These little inflatable kites are pretty cool. I am standing on our patio taking this pic of the kids and Jess.
Summer kept letting all of her string out, loving that her kite was super high. She didn't care one bit when it came crashing down. T Jay kept a tight hold on his and only let a short leash of rope out, maintaining complete control He would get a little sad when his would fall. It almost seems that we could have a personality profile based on how they fly kites!
Matthew popped his kite on Sunday night. I tied it to a rope and thought he might have fun dragging it around. He didn't like his kite on the ground, so I held it up for him. This was satisfactory.
My little ham bone!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So...apparently my kids want to go camping!

While I was getting dressed, T Jay comes upstairs and tells me that they are,"having a little bit of trouble." I asked him with what and he told me that they needed help putting the tent up. I suspiciously asked him if he brought in the blue tent (huge) or the brown tent (not huge). When he told me that they had indeed brought the blue tent in I was slightly confused. Several questions went through my mind. Number 1: How did the two of them lift something that is at least T Jay's body weight, if not more? Number two: How did they get it off of the storage shelf in the garage that it was wedged onto? and Number three: How did they get it past my car ? I pulled in too far today and had trouble getting past with out a tent. (stop laughing, Kenny!) "What's gonna work? Team Work!" Amazing feats of pre-schoolers! The above picture is what I came down to! I folded up the eight man tent and re-stowed it on the shelf and pulled out the 4 man tent.
Here they are with camp "all set up!" They are very proud of their campsite.
I am not sure if you can tell, but TJay hauled one of my little tables into the tent to hold their juice boxes. What a nice touch.
*While I'm on the subject of tents, I find it funny that the top tent is billed as an 8-10 man tent and the bottom one is theoretically a 4 man tent. No 8 or 10 men that I know would ever fit in that tent at the same time. Is it too wordy to put on the label: Three men or One man, a lady and three small children or 25 kids. Kids don't mind sleeping in a tangled mess. Just a peek into my thoughts!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Much happier after church

I guess the fact that her teacher brought them baskets is something to smile about!
Her moods are like night and day!
Hey Ma, check me out!
Caught red handed with ANOTHER egg full of candy! We will have to cleanse his insides tomorrow for sure! And the rest of us!

Attempt at pictures before church

Easter 2008! Summer was not very cooperative. I thought for sure she would be modeling her dress, but something happened and it wasn't going to happen! Look at my boys!!
Me and my boys.
The whole Melin clan. Summer sulking before church.

Easter morning

They each got inflatable kite in their Easter baskets. T.Jay with his Mickey Mouse clubhouse one. Summer couldn't quite get her Barbie kite in the picture!
"Open this, please."
"Ahhhhh.... It's open! What?! Where are the jelly beans? Who put these craisens in here?" Matthew has officially discovered candy this Easter! He begs for the plastic eggs so that he can open them and get the candy. If he shakes them and it doesn't rattle, he throws it down! No fooling him!
T Jay and his Cars Easter eggs.

Decorating Easter Eggs

The kids were really excited to color Easter eggs. Summer wanted to know,"why coloring the eggs made them die." So cute! T Jay's first egg!
She's got that look in her eye...
Matthew had a great time dying the eggs. He was very curios about the whole process.