Friday, January 8, 2010

9 Months

I took Lexi in for her nine month check up this week. She was officially nine months on December 22, but we got her in for her appointment on January fifth. (Happy birthday to Chris!) Anyway, here are her stats:
Weight- 16.13 pounds (20%)
Height- 27 inches (25%)
Head- 17 and a half inches (70%)
Yes, you read it right. Does her head really look 50% bigger than the rest of her? I guess we aren't "Melinheads" for nothing! When I had Matthew in for one of his well baby visits, the AF Tech that did his measurements asked me who had the big head in the family! Of course I blamed Jess! Who says that? (Out loud, I mean!)
As a nine month old, she has many tricks she has mastered and is attempting. The biggest, she is a walker. She walks over crawling now. She took her first steps around 8 and a half months. She started clapping while we were in the keys (December 29), dances (bounces) to music, waves and even says her version of Hi. She has found my Tupperware cupboard, it's the only one that isn't locked, and she loves it. I am constantly kicking plastic things around the kitchen. She loves all of the food that she has tried. I think that peaches and bread are her favorite, but who knows really, she devours everything I give her. She is sleeping pretty well. I put her to bed about 8:00 and she sleeps until 6 a.m.. She will occasionally wake up because she lost her pacifier and can't find it. Yesterday was her first time being set free at the playground, and she loved it. Summer took her down the toddler slide, and she loved it. She also loved the swings. Her favorite toys are socks, a baby doll, keys, the remote control and phones. Yesterday I found her standing up on a box of diapers that was on the floor. I guess there's more monkey business in my future!
Biding our time at Dr. Wicina's office.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010