Saturday, September 22, 2007

Kohler's disease

What's that you say? My thoughts exactly! On Wednesday I took T Jay to the Dr. because he has been complaining off and on about his foot hurting him. A friend of mine also commented about him having a limp while running at soccer. At the Dr., he really couldn't find anything wrong so he ordered X-rays of his feet. He told me that they would get the X-rays back later and he would call me if they found anything, and if they didn't, he would refer me to a podiatrist to further investigate the problem. I took T Jay to school and went home to clean. At 11:30 Maj. Ledwitch called me back and told me they found that T Jay had Kohler's disease in his tarsal navicular bone, and that he made me a 1:00 appt. with the orthopedic Dr.. Basically, that bone isn't getting the proper blood flow and is shriveling and dying. They say that it is caused by stress during a crucial time . They treat it by casting it so that the area can rest and begin to regenerate bone growth. T Jay will be in a cast for one month and then they will take another set of X-rays to check progress. Typically, after casting, they still have to take it easy for about a year, sometimes two before the bone is 100%. Notice that his cast is red, his favorite color. He was very pleased by this. He is not at all upset about having a cast on. He finds it rather cool. He is not even up set about missing the rest of soccer. He was more upset about having to miss school twice in one day!
Here, he is showing off his walking shoe AND his Jenga-Fet gun. Clearly he's proud of both