Friday, December 26, 2008

Sledding, Florida style!

Sledding Florida style! from Kelli Melin on Vimeo.

Christmas Day

Jess' gift wrapping option "A". In case you are wondering, option "B" is the bag from the store being taped or stapled shut. "To my dearest Kelli, packaged with all of my love..."
Summer feeding her talking baby. She will get some good practice being a "Mama Jr." with this baby and be all prepared when I have our baby girl!
Happiest little artist in town! She has painted, chalked, drawn, glitter painted, colored until her hearts content!
A fun remote control car from Grandpa Riggs.
A yummy Christmas dinner at my Friend Alissa's house. The food was good and we indulged whole hearted-ly!

Before & After

I love technology! We set up our Web cam and called Grammy at 5:30 a.m. (3:30 her time) and she got to watch the kids come down and see their Santa gifts and open the gifts from her. It was the next best thing to having her hereWow!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was packed full of fun! The kids enjoyed their scavenger hunt to find their one present that they got to open on Christmas Eve. T Jay had the proper 6 year old response after discovering it was PJ's! How many years will it take him to catch on? At least the hunt was fun!
Where's all of the snow? How are we supposed to go sledding?
Putting out food for Santa's reindeer. (Oats and red and green sprinkles)
New PJ's!
At 7 pm the Christmas Elf came to visit and asked the kids how their Christmas was going, if they got their list for Santa and told them that Santa was about ready to go so they needed to go to bed nicely. Upon hearing that, T Jay tore upstairs and brushed his teeth. He was so focused on getting to bed that he had trouble sitting through the bedtime story. He kept telling me that he had to get into bed. I explained to him that Santa understood that children needed a bedtime story, so he was okay. After the story, we had family prayer and before we began, T Jay said, "Santa understands family prayer, too." Summer went right to sleep, and T. Jay wasn't too far behind her! Thanks for the help Christmas Elf!