Saturday, December 19, 2009

Whoa Here She Comes...

"Watch out boys, she'll chew you up!"
"She's a man eater!"

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

OK Friends...

Jess is over a youth activity tomorrow and needs some help. They are doing "Speed Socializing." You know, kind of like speed dating, accept it's not a date, it's just getting to know one another. Anyway, the kids are each supposed to come with a question, one that can't be answered with yes or no and is interesting somehow. You know the kind, "If you were gum, what flavor would you be?" I told Jess that I had a book that would have perfect ideas for him, only I can't find said book. So, my web friends, I am asking for your help. Please leave a question (or two, or more!) that Jess can use in my comments section so that when the kids show up question-less, they still have something to talk about! Thanks, that will free up my time to do the 9 loads of laundry I need to get to tomorrow!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

RS Christmas Party

I hosted our RS Christmas Party this past Thursday. We had a great turnout and I think all had a great time. Our theme was service and giving during the holiday season and throughout the year.
Happy, Lexie and me at the party! Can you believe that we have been friends for 18 years now?!! Seriously, are we that old?
The yummies! I really do love to host parties.

On that note, we also had a lesson at church on keeping Christ in Christmas. Here are some of the things that we are trying here: We do a service secret Santa with the kids, make cards for the local nursing home, attend the Living Nativity experience, and read the story of his birth on Christmas Eve. I am curious what you all do. I am always looking for new ideas, so please share...