Friday, May 11, 2012

Baptism Photo Shoot

 I took Summer out early in the morning to try and get some photos of her in her Baptism dress on the day of her baptism. My sister in law's Mother made Summer's dress from my wedding dress!  I am in love with it and it meant so much to me to share my dress with her.  It turned out so great. 
 I still haven't had (taken) any time to work on my photography skills, so I am strictly working in auto settings.  I hope to be able to find sometime somewhere to learn some things.  Having five kids is always my excuse for everything!
 Back view of her dress.
 She did this pose on her own.
 Lavender is the "it" color in Summer's world right now!
So beautiful!

Lavender Bunny party

For her 8th birthday, Summer decided that she wanted to have a lavender bunny party. 
Here's what I came up with:
Summer and her friend working on the bunny embroidery.
Three of her friends from her class.
The bunny cupcakes!  I got really lucky and found these bunny candles in an Easter clearance section in a shop downtown.  I got the bunny news just in time to find a few!

The finished embroidery projects.  I got the frames at the Dollar store and painted them lavender and sprayed them with glitter.  So cute!
No party is complete with out an appearance from grocery bag man! 
 Welcome to a day in the life of me!
Happy Birthday Summer girl!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

San Fransisco!

We went into the city on Thursday after lunch.  It was fun to show the Grandparents around.
 My Mom near the Golden Gate bridge.
 Tom and Rosalie with summer girl.
 Happy Grandmas!
 I used to walk like this with my friends.  So sweet.
 Feeling smarty pants because the found a short cut!  What a team.
 Grandma and Lex holding hands on the carousel.  Priceless.
 That's right, folks!  We found a place for Dad M.!
 We are quite the site walking around!  We really get stares in the city!
My kids have an obsession with riding on Jess' shoulders. 

Tilden Park

We have heard great things about this park near Berkeley.  It has a carousel, steam train, and petting zoo, lake with swimming area, hiking paths and more.  I was eager to check it out.  The carousel and steam train weren't open, so we hiked around the lake.  It was a lot of fun.  Brothers, check me out, I got Mom out on the trails! yea!
 The kids thought this looks like Yoda's house.  What do you think?
 Me and my Mom.
 The whole gang.
 Mom: "Seriously?  You want me to do what?" 
The Grandparents had a great time, see?!!

Nature walk

We have had a busy past week.  Jess' parents and my Mom came for Summer's birthday and baptism.  It seems that when we have company come, we get out more, so we find all sorts of neat places to go.  We came to this place the week before with Matthew's pre school.  It was a perfect little nature walk to do while T.Jay was at Cub Scouts.
 I love it when the kiddos are sweet together.
 They decided that wading was necessary.  I tried to convince them it was optional, but no luck.  I guess I remember when trudging through dirty water was fun!
 Grandma and our boy.
Photo op!
So, we are coming off of a very busy, fun week.  We've had Grandparents here, seen some really great sights, had a birthday (Summer's) and a baptism (also Summer's)!  I have a ton of pictures to go through so I can pick out some favorites.  It's so hard to only choose a few!  We'll see how long it takes me to get it done.  I have some serious cleaning to catch up on!  For some reason, these floors just won't clean themselves!  Geez.
For now, here are my babies on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  Yes I know that most of them are in their jammies.  That's how we roll!