Thursday, November 1, 2007

We're off!

Jess and I are off to Austin, TX for his career conference in the morning! We have two days of workshops and more training, and then Monday and Tuesday Jess has 11 interviews ! It will be exciting to narrow the possibilities for our post military life! Wish us luck! When we get back (Wednesday) I'll tell you all about it!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Summer thought the seeds were sticky. She loved drawing the face on it to show where we would carve.
T Jay was not a fan of touching the seeds. He kept calling the stringy part webs.
Matthew "got" to watch from his highchair! He wanted to carve the pumpkins so badly!
The finished product and a scary face from my monsters! They were so excited about them. We took them into the bathroom and lit a candle in them so we could see the faces. They thought it was so cool. When Jess got home, T Jay grabbed his pumpkin and headed to the bathroom to show daddy. He dropped the pumpkin in the hall and the face broke out and it cracked around the bottom. Jess' solution, duck tape! (to which T Jay asked if it smelled like ducks) Jess taped the broken side up and they carved a new face on the other side!!!
T Jay's new jack-o-lantern! You can kind of see the duct tape through the eyes! That solved the problem and T Jay was all smiles with his new pumpkin!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Summer the hair stylist!

Summer "fixed" her own hair today! She disappeared into her room for a good 20 minutes of the bad kind of silence when I went to find her. She was meticulously putting clippies in her hair! She is very proud of her work!
View from the back, so you can get the full effect!
It's even better from the side! That is my little princess. Speaking of which, when you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, She says, "A princess."

Sunday, October 28, 2007

On this date in history...

Happy Birthday Jess!
Jess has egg on his face!
Jess and Jess. (Groesbeck) His name sake.
Silly Melin Boys! I had no idea what a clown I was getting!!! I love him though. Happy Birthday, Jess!!

Happy Birthday Jess!!!

Happy Birthday to Jess!! from Kelli Melin on Vimeo.

Boo at the Zoo

Boo at the Zoo is a great thing to do in Minot! The kids had a great time looking to see which animals were still outside. They also loved getting to wear their costumes again! We are getting our money's worth this year!
The giraffes at the zoo were already "put away" for the winter, but everyone kept saying, "oh, there is the giraffe!"
My boy loved running around the zoo. He is mesmerized by animals
Mama and baby
"This is the kids path, Mom!"