Monday, March 29, 2010

He knows how it feels...

Today after school, T Jay walked by me kind of quietly and said, "You know how Dad said that one of these days I would miss a spelling word?" I nodded and he said, "Today's the day. Now I know how it feels to miss a word (kind of somber). Man was the cafeteria noisy." Like the cafeteria is only noisy on "lunch with the teacher" day! FYI-Every Monday following their Friday spelling test, T Jay's teacher does "lunch with the teacher" if they get a %100 on the spelling test. He and Mrs. Taylor have been eating together every Monday since August when the tests began. A little later, when we were at home, I asked him if he was upset about missing a word. He said that he was until I pointed out that he has gotten all of his spelling words correct for almost 8 months. He was impressed with that statistic and then went on to play Play Station. He is his Father's son when it comes to wanting perfection in school. Those of you who knew me while in school know that I would rather be socializing than studying, at least until college. I guess if you are going to apply yourself, college is a good place to start! Jess brought some great traits to the match, don't ya think?!