Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Shopping is kinda Fun."

My Mom and I went to Castle Rock to the outlets to do some school shopping. We had the kids with us, so I was sure that it would be a quick and slightly miserable trip. Some how T Jay found out way too early that shopping was "girl stuff" and takes it upon himself to complain incessantly. He has even been know to start complaining before we get to the store. Once he starts, the copy cats follow and soon I've got a basket full of whiners! It's really fun. Come to think of it, maybe Jess told him it was "girl stuff" to ensure I only do the most necessary shopping (food, toilet paper etc.) Just kidding, honey!
We began at Striderite and spent a good chunk of time there getting Mary Janes, sandals and tennis shoes. (I love back to school shopping!) Carter's, Gymboree, and The Children's Place followed. I must say that I scored taking advantage of the summer clearance items. Lexi was stocked up thanks to Carter's and T Jay and Summer thanks to Gymboree and TCP. Once we got into The Children's place, I started in the girls section and T Jay followed my Mom over to the boys. About 5 minutes later he came running over showing me a "really cool swim suit." I began to notice that he would go and then return with a shirt or pair of shorts that he deemed cool and hung them on the stroller. (What was life like before I had a stroller to hold all of my stuff? I hate carrying things. Do you think I would get looks pushing a stroller with no kids? I guess I'll have to get one of those baskets on wheels!) Anyway, Here's the best part of the story! After a bit of this, and asking him which shirts he wanted he said, "Shopping is kind of fun!" I said, "see, I told you." His response, "There's so much cool stuff to buy here!" Yes, you read it right folks! My son enjoyed shopping! Take that Jess! (kidding again, mostly!)