Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Birthday, Love...

On this date in history my sweet hubby was born! Yea for me! Happy Birthday, Jess!
*This is one of my favorite pictures of Jess. It's from our wedding day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I guess I was wrong...

I haven't really posted anything lately because I didn't really think I had taken any pictures nor done anything out of the ordinary. I was wrong. There are lots of pictures to share.
Last Tuesday, Summer had a second set of tubes put in her ears and her adenoids removed. She did a great job. This picture was taken the day or so before. I couldn't get Jess to take the camera to take pictures. I am grateful that he was able to take her though. It's logistical juggling four kids!
Just playing in the toy room. Lexi loves this! As you can see their favorite game is dump and move on! Anyone have any cures for this?
Slumber parties on the floor with only the closest of friends! Notice the hooded bath towel on the bear!
We went to our neighbors fun birthday party and the kids got their faces painted for the first time! Matthew is a dinosaur, T Jay has a bat on his hand and Summer got the full girlie treatment!
One of Lexi's whole face smiles!
Her bag of tricks is getting bigger...
And bigger!
She helped me weed the flower beds. There's nothing cuter than a dirty baby, accept when they are cleaned up after!