Friday, February 6, 2009

While I'm on the Subject of Matthew...

While I was getting ready (do you notice a trend here?) Matthew's stars aligned just right because I forgot to lock the pantry before heading upstairs to do my thing (Just as an FYI I usually only take 10-20 minutes to "get ready", it's not like he has a lot of time to work with here, but he seems to manage nicely!) He decided that he was hungry, so why not munch on a packet of raw oatmeal? Well, maybe not, I guess oatmeal seemed better suited for sprinkling. At least he lost interest after about 2 or three packets! Thank heavens for my Dyson!
Caught red handed! No, he is not putting oatmeal in his diaper or playing with himself. I later found that his diaper tab was rubbing on his skin. He usually runs to the treadmill and swings on the bar when I discover a mess that he's made.
Since the oatmeal didn't turn out to be as edifying as he'd hope, he turned to the ever satisfying tortillas! Just so you know, they are the best & most fun when you just eat the good parts! It's different on everyone, too! Notice the swirly pink on the carpet? That's from the Crystal light incident about 2 months ago. Nice, huh? We recently purchased a carpet shampooer that will make my life a little cleaner! I can't believe we went this long with out replacing the one we "lost" in our move down here. Do they ever grow out of this? Anyone?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My friend Suzi photo tagged me. Here is the fourth photo from the fourth folder: "Swiper no Swiping!" Matthew swiped a cookie from the counter without me seeing him and is really enjoying it and very pleased with himself. I couldn't capture him in truer form if I wanted to!
Anyone else want to play, if so, Tag!

Monday, February 2, 2009

For The Baby...

I think I have mentioned here before my fantastic love of S'Mores when I am pregnant. Well, anytime really. My quick recipe is a jumbo marshmallow and a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips on a graham cracker that has been microwaved for about 7-10 seconds. I like the chips to just barely hold their form while I eat them. On an indulgent day, I could eat 4 (who am I kidding?) or more. On a good day, I try to only eat one, wait maybe the indulgent days are the good days. Hmmm...
Anyway, for a few months, Summer has been asking me why I get two treats and she can only have one. My answer to her is some form of "we don't need two treats, one is plenty." This being my attempt to teach them that you can enjoy a taste or serving of something and be done. This is not something I have mastered so "do as I say and not as I do" is really a factor. One day I told her that my second S'more was for the baby, which made total sense in her mind and I didn't hear another word about it, until today that is. As I was happily making my second S'more, she knowingly tells me, "Oh, that one's for the baby, huh." I smile and nod. Then she tells me that she wished that she had a baby in her tummy so that she could have two S'mores also. She added that she wished that babies could have babies. I asked her was going to take care of them if they were both babies and she said, "The Mom."
I guess I will only have my "excuse" for a little while longer, unless I can convince her that it goes into my milk and then to the baby. I'll have to develop that one a little so I can try it out. Wish me luck on that! I guess one of these days I really will have to walk the talk (is that how it goes?) but until then, I am very happily enjoying my set of S'mores!