Wednesday, July 11, 2007

B-52 tour with Daddy

Knee a B-52?!! T Jay and Summer got to go with Jess to see his plane. this is something that T Jay has wanted to do for a long time. They both loved it. T Jay came straight home and got the match box sized B-52 and started pointing out the things that Jess showed them. His favorite was the pee place. For some reason unconventional peeing methods (not in a regular toilet) intrigue him the most!
Bombs away!!! This is where the mighty BUFF carries it bombs.
Stick 'em up! This one should have been first, but whatever. This is the entry point to the flight line.
Summer hanging out the window of the "Wise Guy" Cutest pilot I've seen next to Jess.
Jess proudly showing off his babies. Oh yeah, and that's his plane in the back :)

B-52 tour continued

The country is in their hands!
Proud Daddy.
Radar navigator spot. (bomb dropper)
Navigator Summer

Monday, July 9, 2007

It's starting already!!

Jess took the kids to see the new movie, "Ratatouille" while Matthew and I enjoyed some time at the mall. Summer ate a bunch of the treats and then curled up on Jess for a nice long nap. (I'll pay $5.25 for her to take a nap any day!!) Since she had said long nap, she was definitely not tired at bed time. We put her to bed at 8pm with a stack of books to read . At 10:30 pm, Jess went up to check on her, and this is what he found. Summer had pulled all of her dresses out of her closet and had sorted them. I am not sure what criteria she used, but all of the red dresses seem to be on top.
Does she look tired to you? Does that look like an "Ode to clothes" dance? I thought so. Silly girl.