Thursday, August 23, 2007

TJay's thoughts on Kindergarten

As T Jay walked out the door from school, he was looking for me. When he saw me he rushed to me for a big hug with a huge grin on his face. Melted my heart! He said school was good, he had fun, made some friends, all of that. My favorite thing he said was as he was getting into the car. He said,"and Mom, school is SO long." I smiled because I thought he was going to say that it was so fun or something like that! Tell it like it is, TJay!

T Jay's first day of school

Today is T Jay's first day of school. He is in Kindergarten 5 days per week from 8:30 until 2:30. He woke up this morning with a sheepish/excited grin and said, "I get to go to Kindergarten today!" It was really cute!
Getting ready to "blast off"to a great year."
We went to his classroom yesterday to meet his teacher and see where he would go and put all of his school supplies away, so he new exactly where to hang his jacket and backpack.
Jess took him in the room while I stayed out in the hall with the stroller since he didn't get to meet his teacher yesterday. They slipped by the teacher while she was talking to another child, and Jess didn't know what to do with him, so he had him sit at the table by his name tag. (logical thing, right?) T Jay is sitting at his desk wondering why he doesn't have crayons. Luckily, I saw him (Should we ever send a Dad to do a Mother's work?! No offense, Dads) and switched with Jess and had T Jay get his folder from his backpack to put in his cubby, and get his pencil box to color with. This made him very happy to have his crayons. Jess even asked him if he could stay and play with him. TJay said,"Kindergarten is only for five year olds." I guess he's ready to have a great year!
But...what do I do now? My baby's gone to school! Summer begins pre-school after labor day! At least I'll still have my Matthew.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Matthew can walk

Matthew takes his second set of steps! from Kelli Melin and Vimeo.
This vidoe is Matthew's second attempt at walking today! His first try he walked 4-5 steps. I can't believe he is getting so big!

Ward Camp out

We had our ward camp out for church this Friday night. We had a great time. Last year we had a 2+ man tent and we crammed 4 of us in there. We did not get any sleep. This year we got a new tent that is a 7-8 man tent and it made a huge difference! We slept so great! T Jay and Summer shared a queen air mattress and Jess and I had our own and there was still room for Matthew's play pen! Here Jess is getting us all set up.
Mama and T Jay enjoying the comfy bed! Man do we like to rough it! What would the pioneers think?!!
Jess getting ready to knock it out of the park!! We had a great time playing soft ball, Norwegian golf, and the candy game. Jess, T Jay and Summer at the campfire.
A quick family photo before we headed home. T Jay was not happy about leaving! We had so much fun. This was a great practice run, we are going to Medora, ND and Mt Rushmore next weekend for a camping trip. It was good to practice getting the tent set up and the kids sleeping in it. We love camping!!

When we got home, we all had showers and naps before heading down to the zoo. After a fun time checking out all of the animals, we went to the park next door and had dinner. Jess made dutch oven chicken pot pie! It was delicious! And let me add that this was the first time in 10 years that I just showed up and enjoyed something! While I was napping Jess got everything ready and loaded into the car! Things are really fun when all you have to do is show up!!!