Sunday, November 18, 2007

Today after church

Here's my little "Dapper Dan!"
He's happy to be here! You'd never know that he's only had a half hour shoulder nap all day!
Summer had a new dress on today, but she wouldn't be still long enough to get a picture of it!
Twirling! T Jay was already stripped down to his digs by the time we were taking these, so there aren't any pics of him from church.

The difference between Monday and Saturday!

Matthew enjoying the slide at Oak Park. Jess and the kids were off on Monday for Veterans day, so we headed into town to the park.
Summer loves the fast slide!
T Jay is quick on the bridge!
Snow for Saturday! The kids were ecstatic about this!
T Jay rolling around in the snow!

Student of the Week

T Jay was student of the week last week in his class! He was so excited about this! He woke up on Monday and kept asking me to congratulate him for being the student of the week. He also would say,"Here's the student of the week!" The parents of the student of the week get to come in and talk for about 10 minutes about their job. Here, Jess is telling the kids about the B-52.
Jess and his helmet. The kids loved this.
T Jay got to model the helmet. The kids got a kick out of T.Jay saying, "Luke, I'm not your father!" No, I didn't misquote him, that is how he says it!